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Highlight Meet the nomad warriors of Karamoja

On the vast plains of Karamoja, a region which borders South Sudan and Kenya, you find nomad warriors, the Karamojong. They have immeasurable pride in their traditional way of life, and many have remained resistant to change no matter the force trying to change them.

The Karamojong are seen by other Ugandans as behind the times, uneducated, and there is a strong prejudice against them since the Karamojong have resisted formal education and modernization, clinging to their traditional beliefs.

I visited one of the Karamojong villages and was introduced to their traditions, one of them being a kind of jumping dance. The Karamojong perform this dance to choose a partner. The higher one jumps, the stronger he/she is supposed to be. And that is what makes you marriage material 😉


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