Miriam looking out the window of a plane

About me

Miriam looking out the window of a plane

Hi, I'm Miriam!

I am notorious travelette, based in Amsterdam. The last 10 years I have travelled the world and fell in love with it. Over and over again. I would love to inspire people to do the same.

My blog gives you suggestions about highlights and must sees, but to be honest it's really about what happens in between. That's where you find your own special little places, meet that old tattooed lady or eat something you never dared to eat (like a fried tarantula).

I won't write about populair lists, like 'The best 10 places in', because it's not about ticking boxes. And I won't give you itineraries, because you can find your own way. I would love to hear what crossed your path at miriam@chasethesun.online!

Love, Miriam

PS All photos are mine. Please ask permission before using any of them, for any reason!

Favourite Country
Oops! I can't choose.... Uganda, Sri Lanka or Taiwan?
Favourite City
Favourite Food
Sticky rice with mango
Next trip
After Corona, I'd like to travel to Ethiopia, Pakistan and Solomon islands.