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Zambia Must See Visit a rural village and get a peek into daily life

When you think of Zambia, what comes to mind? Spotting hippos on the Zambezi and searching for leopards in one of the country’s vast national parks? What about the people and daily life? Exactly, I did not know either!

I visited a rural area and got a peek into daily life. It is a very, very simple life, it includes getting your water from a bore hole, cooking over a charcoal fire, bathing out of a bucket, going to the bathroom in an outdoor "outhouse", and sleeping under bed nets to keep the mosquitoes and spiders at bay. The people believe that everything has a soul or spirit, including animals, plants, rocks, mountains, rivers, and stars. Witchcraft is also part of their culture.

About Zambia

Zambia’s charms are many and varied – this landlocked southern African country is home not only to the jaw-dropping Victoria Falls but also has even more seriously impressive natural sights. Zambia invites you to experience true adventure, exploring parks on foot, hearing the sounds of the bush and being drenched by spray from the Falls. The sheer scale and purity of Zambia’s natural wonders makes it an exceptional safari destination, yet many of its national parks are scarcely visited still.

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