Visit a local pottery village at the end of the world

Tanzania Highlight Visit a local pottery village at the end of the world

The Wakisi people are famous throughout Tanzania for their pottery skills and live in a remote village on the lakeshore of Lake Nyasa. My visit to Ikombe, the pottery village on the lakeshore gave me a peek into rural life. The poverty hit me, how can people make a life in such poverty? And still smile and be happy? It made me feel very humble. The women are proud of their work and love to show you the process of producing the pottery and give you a ‘good price’.

I took a dug-out canoe to the village but the ride was kind of scary. Cracks were leaking huge amounts of water, there were no life jackets (this is Africa) and I was hosing all the time during the 3 hour round trip. I sat in the leaking water up to my bum -and sometimes to my middle- trying to be as postive as the fisherman and to enjoy my surroundings 😬. But really, it’s beautiful here, the rolling hills, the lake’s crystal clear water and the simple life.

About Tanzania

Tanzania is well-known for the spectacular Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater and mount Kilimajaro. But! To get away from the crowds I choose to venture south instead and was surprised by what more the country has to offer!

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December-March, June-October
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