Unwind at beautiful Lake Nyassa

Tanzania Must See Unwind at beautiful Lake Nyassa

The lakeshore of Matema beach lies on the foothills of Livingstone Mountains, where these scenic ranges end majestically into Lake Nyasa. A wonderful sight! The beach is a local fair, fishermen repair nets and canoes, women sell groceries and fish, but it’s totally fine get your bikini of trunks out to catch some sun or have a swim. There’s a nice night market at the tree at the main junction of the village (no ATM’s).

About Tanzania

Tanzania is well-known for the spectacular Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater and mount Kilimajaro. But! To get away from the crowds I choose to venture south instead and was surprised by what more the country has to offer!

Practical information

Best time to go
December-March, June-October
Swahili, English

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