Stay the night at a Masaai village

Tanzania Must See Stay the night at a Masaai village

I visited a little Masaai village in the hinterland of Iringa (5 hours by bus) and met with the members of the tribe. Although they hardly speak any English, the Masaai tried to involve me in their daily activities like cooking, milking cows and dancing at the camp fire. I even had to wear their typical blue-purple dress.

They live a very basic life, their activities revolve around herding cattle, preparing food for the village and raising the children. There is no electricity and running water and most of the huts are made of wood and mud. I had my own brick hut, the floor made of mud and the bed made of hay, two cow skins and a thin (yoga?)mat. Quite the experience.

About Tanzania

Tanzania is well-known for the spectacular Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater and mount Kilimajaro. But! To get away from the crowds I choose to venture south instead and was surprised by what more the country has to offer!

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December-March, June-October
Swahili, English

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