Staring face to face with the mountain gorillas

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Rwanda Must See Staring face to face with the mountain gorillas

There is nothing like this. They get up really close and being part of their family for one hour is sooo special. I was a bit sceptical about gorillas being 98.7% human. But I totally turned around, I noticed facial expressions and behavioral patterns familiar to friend...and myself! Our closest living relatives are still wild animals so you need to be careful at all times but the guards look out for you. It is a very expensive visit at 1500 USD (2018), but worth it.

About Rwanda

The ‘Land of a thousand hills’ maybe associated with the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, but it’s a surprisingly peaceful country of friendly people who are very optimistic about their country's future. If you are into mountain gorilla’s, beautiful lush green rural scenary, volcanoes, rolling hills and valleys combined with lakes and beaches - this is the place to go.

Practical information

Best time to go
December-February, June-October
Kinyarwanda, English and French.

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