Score an 1 Dollar t-shirt at Rwaihamba market

Uganda Highlight Score an 1 Dollar t-shirt at Rwaihamba market

Market day in Rwaihamba (tuesday), just 10 kilometers south of Fort Portal. It is a typical Ugandan fair. Mostly women sell vegetables, fruit and a lot of second hand clothing. It supposedly originates from what we donate to clothing containers! A second hand t-shirt goes for €1-1,50. The market isn’t large, but what makes is special is that it is really local, you’ll see no other tourists. Combine it with a visit to the Crater Lakes

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The 'pearl of Africa' is a dream destination for nature lovers. Beautiful volcanoes, vast savannas, great national parks, stunning waterfalls and tropical rainforests. And the most friendly people!

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December-February, June-October
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