Pet giant tortoises on Changuu island

Zanzibar Must See Pet giant tortoises on Changuu island

Changuu also known as Prison island is an inhabited island and only a 30 minute boat ride from Zanzibar. The island saw use to confine rebellious slaves in 1860s, but no prisoners were ever housed here instead the island became a quarantine for yellow fever cases. And Changuu island houses a hundred of endangered giant land tortoises. I love tortoises! Lucky me! I was blown away by their sizes and ages. Some of them are between 165 and 180 years old. I was told that I could approach them, pet them and even feed them, so I did!

Negotiable, I paid 10.000 Shilling (2018) for a boat with 10 people on it.
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The island of Zanzibar boasts pristine white sand beaches, ubundant sunshine, exotic Swahili dishes, a hospitable people. In the historic Stone Town you’ll find Arabic and Swahili inluences, winding lanes with minarets, carved doorways and 19th century palaces. If your idea of a fun is to mix a culture with lazing on the beach then you just found your next destination!

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