Relax at Lake Bunyonyi

Uganda Highlight Relax at Lake Bunyonyi

29 islands dot Africa’s second deepest and most beautiful lake. I would describe Lake Bunyony, place of many little birds as a peaceful and relaxing place, it makes for good destination to end your trip to Uganda. You go swimming, birding, hiking, biking of just relax and chill out at one of the many resort style accomodations. The best way to get around is with a makoro, a dugout canoe or a motorboat. I opted for the latter 😉. The boat trip took me to a few islands, that are primarily used for schools and accommodation for tourists. The lake failed to impress me during the tour, but it did when I climbed one of the hills. Wow, what a view! (rainy season was coming, so the skies are a bit misty)

Boat trip: 70.000 shiliing (2018)
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