Hike the Sipi Falls

Uganda Must See Hike the Sipi Falls

Lovely Sipi is set in one of the most green and lush landscapes of Uganda. The beautiful falls are a series of three waterfalls seperated by steep hillsides. The views are spectacuar as the falls are plunging along the lower slopes of Mount Elgon (4th highest peak in East Africa). I hiked 4-5 hours up to the waterfalls, on flimsy ladders, through villages and farms and had a great time behind two of the three falls. A must do when you’re in the area. A guided hike costs 25.000 shilling only (2018)

About Uganda

The 'pearl of Africa' is a dream destination for nature lovers. Beautiful volcanoes, vast savannas, great national parks, stunning waterfalls and tropical rainforests. And the most friendly people!

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Best time to go
December-February, June-October
Swahili, English

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