Eat tilapia fish in Ggaba

Uganda Highlight Eat tilapia fish in Ggaba

Ggaba’s is all about eating fish on the shores of Lake Victoria. The landing site is only 10 km from Kampala. It’s off the beaten track, you will see no tourists there. Locals go to Ggaba for a day out, sit and watch the world go by. At Ggaba’s landing site it’s all about boating and fishing. Local men will approach you for a boat tour (but I did not see a lot of safety jackets on board...) of a guided tour of the local fish market. That’s what I did. My guide annex filleter bought Tilapia fish at the auction, descaled it himself and made sure it got a good fry in the pan at a friend’s restaurant - for 30.000 shilling only (2018)

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